Badger Meter ModMAG M7600

Badger Meter ModMAG M7600
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Badger Meter ModMag M7600 is an electromagnetic flow meter that has a flow-through pipe design thus allowing particulates to pass through the meter body. This electromagnetic flow meter has constant reliable accuracy and is sophisticatedly designed to ensure no pressure drop in the pipeline. This product is also minimal maintenance.
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Badger Meter

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Flow Meter Measurement

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Badger Meter ModMAG M7600

Badger Meter ModMAG M7600 has an efficient and sophisticated design. This product has an accuracy rate of ± 0.5%. The ModMAG 7600 has impressive performance. Partially suspended solids in the liquid do not affect the accuracy, which means that particulates can pass through the body of the meter with very good accuracy and there is no pressure loss in the pipe.


  •  Size: 1/2 to.4 in
  • Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Temperature Range: Up to 212 °F
  • Flow Range: 0.14...1320 gpm
  • Accuracy: ±0.5%
  • Power Supply: 92...275 VAC
  • Repeatability: ±0.1%


The ModMAG M7600 is used in most industrial process batching applications and as a meter for concrete batching applications. Can be applied to water, highly viscous liquids, and liquids that contain moderate amounts of solids or require special handling. The ModMAG M7600 has sophisticated and simple technology and produces extremely accurate measurements.


The operation of the Badger Meter ModMAG M7600 is not affected by the presence of most of the suspended solids present in the liquid. Its operation is also not affected by the viscosity or density and variations of the liquid temperature. This product has two electrodes inserted into the flow tube, perpendicular to the coil and flush with the internal diameter Two Electromagnets are located on the outside of the tubes which are diametrically opposite to each other.




Badger Meter ModMAG M7600


1. Impressive Performance
2. Standard Accuracy
3. Streamlined Design
4. Long life, corrosion-resistant liner (PTFE)
5. NEMA 4 standard enclosure