Badger Meter ModMAG M1000

Badger Meter ModMAG M1000
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Badger Meter ModMAG 1000 is an electromagnetic flow meter that has a processor-based signal conversion with ± 0.3% accuracy. These products have been designed, developed and manufactured to the highest quality. Indotama Niaga Teknik is a flow meter distributor in Indonesia that sells various products from the Badger Meter brand with various types.
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Badger Meter

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Flow Meter Measurement

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Distributor Badger Meter ModMAG M1000

Badger Meter ModMAG M1000

Badger Meter ModMAG M1000 has very advanced features and has a processor-based design and conversion signal quality with ± 0.3% accuracy. This product has the flexibility of application so that it can be used for industrial water or wastewater. Maximum compatibility and minimal maintenance over a long period of time. 


  • Size: 1/4 to 20 in
  • Body: Stainless Steel optional
  • Temperature Range: Up to 150° C
  • Pressure Range: Up to 1450 Psi (100 bar) (PED)
  • Process Connections: Flange DIN, ANSI, JIS, AWWA
  • Flow Range: 0.10–39.4 ft/sec (0.01...6278 gpm)
  • Accuracy: ±0.3%
  • Power Supply: 9...36V DC | 92...275V AC


ModMAG M1000 is best suited for bidirectional flow measurements of liquids over 5 S/cm and more than 20 S/cm for demineralized water. Designed for application to industrial water or wastewater, vehicles, and batching processes. Transmitter is attached to the sensor integrally. The transmitters are placed in IP67 enclosure and gauge pipe are lined with materials approved for drinking water (KTW, D NSF, ANSI, CAN 61 and 372, ACS, WRAS). This product is available in sizes 1/4 to 20 inches (DN 6 to 500) and nominal pressures up to 1450 psi (100 bar).


The operation of Badger Meter ModMAG M1000 is based on the voltage induced across any conductor. The voltage moves perpendicularly through the magnetic field, so the voltage is proportional to with the speed of the conductor. The induced signal voltage is also proportional to the product of the magnetic flux density and is proportional to with the distance between the electrodes and the average flow velocity of the liquid.



Badger Meter ModMAG M1000


1. Application Flexibility
2. Accuracy ± 0.3%
3. Durable Construction
4. Flow range 0.03 to 12 m/s
5. LCD display
6. Sizes 1/4 to 20 in (6…500 DN)
7. Power supply 92 to 275V AC, 9 to 36V DC
8. Integrated data logger