With headquarters in Austria, KRAL GmbH was founded in 1950 and has been an independent family enterprise ever since. We therefore think and invest long-term so that we can remain a stable and reliable business partner for our customers. KRAL develops and produces screw pumps and flow measurement technology. In addition, we offer customer-specific solutions for systems, from the initial engineering process through to commissioning. And of course our After Sales Service is available to help you after purchase. Our primary business sectors include marine, power generation, oil and gas, mechanical engineering and chemicals. Our customers include local businesses as well as global industrial concerns.

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KRAL Flow Meters ,

KRAL Flow Meters

Distributor flow meter surabaya - Jual flow meter surabaya - KRAL flow meter is a leading flow meter which is manufactured with high quality. The advantages of using the KRAL flow meter are accurate measurement, easy maintenance, high durability, and long-term operation. We have stocks product of KRAL Flow Meters with the following types.


Flow Meter KRAL type OMG -  
Flow Meter KRAL type OMP -   
Flow Meter KRAL type OME -  
Flow Meter KRAL type OMH -  


   Universally applicable
    High precision
    Extremely robust and long lifespan
    Stabilization zones unnecessary
    Very smooth-running and fast
    Low friction and minimal loss of pressure
    Easy installation
    Affordable solution for harsh industrial conditions
    3-in-1-solution: Flow measurement, flow direction detection, temperature measurement
    Aluminum housing
    Very rigid spheroidal graphite iron housing
    Compact size, light weight