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According to assessment by qualified employees of RMG, the TME400 is subject to risks during its use. Risks can arise, for example, due to high pressures and occasionally due to pressures that are too low. Work outside of the permissible temperature range can also lead to dangers. Impermissible current and voltage values can trigger explosions in hazardous areas. The risk assessment requires an emptying and ventilation of the pipeline for connection with installation and removal of a turbine. Then and only then is it assured that there is not a hazardous gas mixture in the pipeline. Naturally, work must only be carried out by trained personnel (see chapter Qualification of personnel), who are also trained to recognize suitable tools and use them exclusively. The risks were summarized alongside development and measures were taken to minimize these risks.

RMG Flow Meter TME 400The new generation of TME 400 meters (Turbine Meter Electronic) are turbine meters with an integrated electronic totalizer. In contrast to widely used mechanical turbines, the TME 400 directly processes theelectrical pulses from the sensor monitoring the turbine wheel in the electronic meter head. In this way, the TME 400 can not onlydisplay and save the totalizer reading,but also, for example, the current flowrate. In addition, several totalizers can be realized and the meter cantransmit its measured values as well as additional signals directly via variousinterfaces (pulses, analog, digital). Furthermore, the TME 400-VC offers a volume corrector integrated in the head, including pressure and temperature measurement. In addition to operating flow and operating volume, it also calculates the standard volume. An external volume corrector is no longer required.With all TME 400 versions, a longlasting backup battery ensures reliability even in case of a complete power failure. 

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